25 August 2015

Jeans Rugs

I recycle most of my clothes. After they are no longer decent I wear them around the house and then use them for a number of uses but mainly for rag rugs. 
Jeans follow the same life up to a point. I find it hard to reuse them. 

The technique I found here: www.curbly.com works and produces rough rugs I am using in the bathroom.

For the core I have used the cheap synthetic clothes line cord they sell in the pound shops.

I have cut strips of the jeans and wrapped them around the cord. I found it easier to do the wrapping before starting to stitch. I have used pins to keep the wraps in place and used a long straight stitch to block the jean strips to the inner cord.

I have then used a zigzag stitch to join them in the round.

I have one small rug and a bigger one made of 3 circles.

19 August 2015

Crocheted baskets

It is possible to crochet and in-globe another material. I have done so in: Tissue paper basket.
For this basket I begun by crocheting flat to make a base and then I started crocheting in the round. I only use the basic crochet stitch. 

I have staggered the strands of raffia. This helps keeping the diameter of the basket even. Most often you need only add one strand at the time to the bundle that is being tied to the spiral.