30 January 2014

Rice flour and gum Arabic resist

The first big bag has simply a large square of rice paste which cracked most attractively especially where the paste was thicker.
rice flour resistrice flour resist detailsrice flour resist

The second bag is a zen tangle. This one gave me some problems. I piped it using baking paper. I broke 2 of the piping bags and one of them "dissolved". I am not sure what caused it, the paste was the right consistency and then became more and more runny until I had to pour it out and add more flour.

rice flour resistrice flour resistrice flour resist

After it dried I have realized that the initial consistency was to dense. It did not bond with the fabric. If I do this again I'll either wet the fabric first or make the paste runny.

I added gelatin to the paste and I am wondering whether the gelatin melted again with the heat of my hands squeezing the bag? Or maybe I involuntarily pushed the water upwards?

The last sample was made with a stencil made of fun foam. This would work well as a base for further design.

rice flour resistrice flour resist stencilrice flour resist

And these are the finished bags. Possible canvas for other techniques
Maybe couching design on the  top one?

rice flour resist

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