2 December 2014

Felt decoration

 I have copied this one from Pinterest.

I don't know who created it first as there were several versions of it. 
I wish I could give credit to the creator.

1 December 2014

Door wreath

This years door decoration is recycling the wreath I made years ago from the "tree" that tried to take root in our 5th floor balcony. Because Ireland is so fertile that you have to be careful of what will sprout from the dust caught between tiles and wall...

I have now decorated it with pine cones and several felt harts and stars made of few shades of white/cream and red felt.

It is very simple but I like it.

28 November 2014

Advent calendar

I have created an advent calendar village.

The houses and the roofs are 2 separate pieces of cereal box over which I glued in the pages of an old book for walls and red packing paper for roofs.

They are glued together using hot glue. 

5 August 2014

Tissue paper basket

I have been trying to find uses for the tissue paper I have spun in the last year. Some of it is in small quantities so I made a small basket.

The basket was crocheted around a length of spun newspaper. 

The crochet technique involving crocheting around another thread has a name but I could not remember it. I tried to find it and while looking I found this tutorial: http://makemydaycreative.com/2013/06/12/crochet-rope-basket/

I made the base crocheting back and forth a few times, I then widened the base increasing at the corners and after 3 rounds I stopped increasing the number of stitches. 

I started with a pale yellow and when I ran out of it moved to darker and darker shades.

I am now making a second basket with a narrower base and the same technique.

28 May 2014

T-shirt recycling

At long last I have put to use the many old t-shirts I had saved in the past few years.
I have removed the seams and with the remaining fabric I made first strips that I then cut in sections of about 12-15 cm by about 5 cm. 

t-shirt rug
I have used an old towel as a base. I drew lines with a sharpie and stitched folded pieces of the t-shirts all along the lines.
sewing t-shirt rug

The result is a thick nice bath mat. It is on the heavy side and should I do it again I would dye the towels a dark color as the orange sometimes peeks out from the pile.

sewing t-shirt rug

30 January 2014

Rice flour and gum Arabic resist

The first big bag has simply a large square of rice paste which cracked most attractively especially where the paste was thicker.
rice flour resistrice flour resist detailsrice flour resist

The second bag is a zen tangle. This one gave me some problems. I piped it using baking paper. I broke 2 of the piping bags and one of them "dissolved". I am not sure what caused it, the paste was the right consistency and then became more and more runny until I had to pour it out and add more flour.

rice flour resistrice flour resistrice flour resist

After it dried I have realized that the initial consistency was to dense. It did not bond with the fabric. If I do this again I'll either wet the fabric first or make the paste runny.

I added gelatin to the paste and I am wondering whether the gelatin melted again with the heat of my hands squeezing the bag? Or maybe I involuntarily pushed the water upwards?

The last sample was made with a stencil made of fun foam. This would work well as a base for further design.

rice flour resistrice flour resist stencilrice flour resist

And these are the finished bags. Possible canvas for other techniques
Maybe couching design on the  top one?

rice flour resist