5 August 2014

Tissue paper basket

I have been trying to find uses for the tissue paper I have spun in the last year. Some of it is in small quantities so I made a small basket.

The basket was crocheted around a length of spun newspaper. 

The crochet technique involving crocheting around another thread has a name but I could not remember it. I tried to find it and while looking I found this tutorial: http://makemydaycreative.com/2013/06/12/crochet-rope-basket/

I made the base crocheting back and forth a few times, I then widened the base increasing at the corners and after 3 rounds I stopped increasing the number of stitches. 

I started with a pale yellow and when I ran out of it moved to darker and darker shades.

I am now making a second basket with a narrower base and the same technique.

1 comment:

alsokaizen said...

This is an interesting technique and it might work with some shibori paper I've got lying around, I'll have to try it. Was there a post where you covered how you spun the paper?
It might be a good way to build vessels and nests.