6 January 2015

Bathroom rugs with rice flour resist cotton edges

I managed to improve on the flour resist method I used on the bags I made in this post: Rice flour and gum Arabic resist
When making the bags I found that using a piping bag caused the four-water paste to separate in its 2 components (water and flour).
To avoid the problem I purchased a bottle with a very fine applicator.

The flour still attempts to separate from the water but I can shake the bottle every so often to mix the paste again and now it seems to be working OK.

I purchased from Empress Mill at the RDS in Dublin their Egyptian cotton fabric. Some of it was in long strips which I will use for the borders of the new bathroom rugs.

I created the resist design with the applicator bottle and I let the rice flour resist dry for a day. I am not sure whether this is necessary but I like the cracks that form when the resist dries completely. 

Using a clean Mr Muscle bottle full of Procion dye solution I sprayed the dye on the fabric.

The main part of the rugs is made of 2 layers of old, scratchy, frayed and thick bath towels.
I cut them to size and joined them using the strips as an edge.

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