31 May 2015


This cloak did take some tinkering. 
In the book it is described as follows:

[…] He pulled open the pack, then whipped out a dark gray cloak. Large and enveloping, the cloak wasn't constructed from a single piece of cloth-rather, it was made up of hundreds of long, ribbonlike strips. They were sown together at the shoulders and across the chest, but mostly they hung separate from one another, like overlapping streamers. […]

[…] “It is colored and constructed to hide you in the mist” [...]

I wanted it made out of a very light material. I tested the overlapping technique on a white sample of synthetic voile.. The sample tended to gather static. It seemed to move by itself which I found was a positive characteristic of this fabric.
I ended up using the same fabric in dark gray.

The cloak is made with a number of strips of fabric, each is folded in half and stitched to the neighbouring stripe across shoulders and upper arms.  

I have used a shimmering fabric paint to obtain a mottled effect and  so that it will reflect the light in unexpected ways.

I am not sure that these cloaks would be decorated but I used the same tendril design used in Vin's gown on the shoulders of the cloak.

The Cloak is held close by 2 polymer clay buttons painted in metallic acrylic. This s in keeping with the story where no nobleman or woman is supposed to use metal on his or her clothing.

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