4 April 2017

Den lampshade

Since we moved in I have been planning to make 2 lampshades for the 2 rooms in the house that had naked bulbs when we moved in. The other rooms already have light fixture and we are not planning to replace them.
The lamp of the den was supposed to be a sculptural structure made of two panes of felt spiralling towards the centre. The felt I wanted to use is dark green and I realised that it would not let any light out. So I decided for a structural ball made of several stripes of felt. This worked from the point of view of light but the shape was ugly and lopsided.
I decided to change completely and went for this:

It is made of muslin fabric, supposedly dyed to have a gradient from green to almost white but the bucket tipped and the result is rather plain. I still like it. I have used fabric I already had and the frame was £2.99> For such an inexpensive lampshade I can decide to replace it at any point.

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