30 April 2013

Flour Resist

I have been planning to try flour resist for ages and here is it:

I used one of those cheap white cotton bags you can buy everywhere. I washed it and inserted in the bag a piece of cardboard wrapped in plastic bags. The cardboard was as big as the bag to keep it stretched.

I have mixed a pancake batter consistency mix of wholemeal flour and water and squeegee-ed it onto one side of the bag.

I left to dry several days (read: I had no time to perform stage 2 for several days).

I scrunched the resist but I could have done some more.As you can see the crackles aren't too many.

I prepared the paint using manutex and procion dyes, I painted it in using a large brush on both sides.

I then inserted the bag in a plastic rubbish bag and left it to cure for 48 hours.

The resist came off very easily in large chunks. I used the back of a cheap table knife as scraper.

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