10 May 2013

Origami roses bookmarks

The first bookmark was made for my godmother, these are bookmark 2.0.
The rose are identical to the one I sent her but I have sealed the paper using Mod Podge. Not sure if they are better or not.

I got the pattern for the roses from the book: Origami Jewellery by Ayako Brodek.

In the book they are used as earrings or broaches. and they are sealed with polyurethane satin varnish. I did try to find it but in vane.

In any case, considering the frequency of precipitations I am not sure I want to wear something made of paper. I will probably change my mind in about 10 minutes... Especially because I enjoy the folding but am unable to make for the sake of making. I must have an object. The bookmark.

I have made 2 bookmarks so far. Using all the completed roses I had.
After folding the 3 parts for each flower I coated each with Mod Podge.
Then attached the bead that will be the centre of the flower.

In my previous bookmark I attached the rose to the nylon thread using a bead. Attached the same way as the centre bead but under the rose. This allows to rose to twist around. Attaching the rose directly to the thread works better for me.

I put together the 3 parts using tacky glue. The book calls for mono phase epoxy glue which I have been unable to find.

Initially I was planning to add all 4 roses to the same bookmark but after attacking the fist one  (the greenish one) to the thinnest thread I did not want to add anything else. I find it so pretty I might wear it as a necklace. See...  I have already changed idea about the jewellery thing.

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